cooks & co Retail range

We constantly strive to improve the quality, scope and usability of our range, introducing new ingredients and flavours that are on-trend, reformatting packaging such that it’s the right size and type for your catering establishment.

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Add a Splash of Colour to your Menu

Cooks&Co's very own development chef quick has come up with some superbly quick to prepare, yet exciting menu ideas using its versatile Antipasto range. With dishes such as Mixed Seafood Salad, Italian Nachos and Mediterranean Tray Bake, the recipes have been carefully devised to draw in new customers and drive up average customer spend.

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Italian ingredients offering improved

Fine food and ingredients specialist Cooks&Co has unveiled a new and improved line of its ever-popular Italian range for food service.

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Vinegars and Goose Fat range extended

RH Amar’s own brand Cooks&Co unveils a range extension of its Specialty Wine and Cider Vinegars and a new long shelf-life Goose and Duck Fat food service offering.

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Cooks&Co Cooking Wines Move to PET

Cooks&Co has also introduced two new size options, 2 litre and 5 litre, to its existing cooking wine range to deliver better value and respond to the needs of both the smaller and larger caterer.

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