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At COOKS&CO we aim to provide the very best ingredients to the foodservice industry at the most competitive prices. With over 70 years’ experience of importing fine food from around the globe, we’ve earned an enviable reputation in the trade for top-notch ingredients at astonishingly good prices.

Our Story

Cooks&Co’s range of high quality ingredients for caterers has been formed with the priorities of the professional kitchen in mind - striking the delicate balance between lowering ingredient and preparation costs while sustaining the utmost levels in quality.

Cooks&Co’s extensive ingredients range has been designed to help you achieve these tough objectives. Whether you’re a high-end specialist restaurant or a large-scale catering operation, Cooks&Co can help you create delicious, cost efficient menus that meet your particular customer’s expectations.

With a mouth-watering selection of mezze options sourced from the very best Mediterranean suppliers, to a unique portfolio of seed and nut oils and dried speciality mushroom, we have all the ingredients you need to create an astonishingly good menu.

Meanwhile our Essentials range brings together top quality every day ingredients such as spiced pizza sauce at exceptional prices.

Cooks&Co is part of the family-owned business RH Amar, which has been importing fine food from around the globe since 1945. With such a longstanding pedigree in commercially sourcing fine food, we’ve earned an enviable reputation in the trade for top-notch ingredients at astonishingly good prices.

Menu Ideas

Hearts of Palm Salad
Hearts of Palm Salad

Preperation time: 15 mins. Serves: 4

This is a superbly flavoursome and textured salad, packed full of nutrients and minerals such as iron. The palm hearts are mild and delicate in taste, and lend a touch of the exotic to the dish.

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Cooks&Co Essentials
Premium Every Day Ingredients for the Professional Kitchen

Cooks&Co’s Essentials range was formed to offer outstanding quality, every day ingredients to the professional kitchen while delivering exceptional value for money.

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